Your domain name is your doorstep to online supremacy or doom. What you choose determines how your target customers will welcome you. If your name is sweet and brand to reckon with, high traffic and more sales will manifest on your website. The opposite is also true.

While you have the freedom to register any name as your domain if it is available or come up with your own creations, some names can be a bad idea. You can pick a name that will break your brand while you thought it was the best. But how do you know whether your domain name is incredible or poor? Here are three indicators:

Hard to spell

Take this as your web address: Do you think it is a good one for promoting your brand online? Even though you are the owner, you are having some challenges in spelling it out. Memorability is a medal when it comes to online marketing. People always visit sites they can memorize. Hence, the simpler the spelling, the likelihood you will have of earning more sales.

Again, modern online visitors do not have time to waste on thinking about your URLs. Their main objective is to get a solution for their problem. As such, if your domain name is hard to spell, that is an indicator you need to think otherwise.

Very long

The shorter the name, the easy to recall. This is the rule of online marketing if you wish to drive more sales in your store. Having a long phrase as your website domain is a bad idea. Which of this address would you recall easily? and of course, the later takes the day. In this essence, even if you are offering the designer fashion which is incomparable, making sales will be like traveling from Alabama to Beijing using a motorbike.

However, having a long domain name is not always a bad idea. But, you should have a limit on its length. Just let it tally with people’s memorization parameters.

High chances of misspelling the words

Another indicator that can show a deficiency on your domain name is the presence of words that are easily misspelled. According to research, people have a problem with spelling words such as accommodation, pavilion, and words with ‘ie’ and “ei.” If your website name encompasses some of this hard to spell words, you need to look for a way to eliminate the challenge.

And those are indicators of weak domain names that need a rework or an entire change.