Have you registered a domain name? If so, you just kicked off your online journey. One misconception in peoples’ mind is that owning a domain is having a website. However, it is only a part of a long process. Take it this way: You just bought a plot in a prime area like a city center. To give value to the property, you need to carry on some development. Either set up a house or put up some features to add its value.

The same case happens in the virtual arena.

A domain name is like a title deed of the undeveloped plot. You need to associate it with a website to give it a meaning. An easy analogy could be a post office box number that has no owner. For you to own it, you need to associate it with your business to start receiving or sending letters with stakeholders. Regardless of the type of your domain, there are things that it will never do on your website. Here are three of them:

Rank your page without quality and relevant content

Days are gone when your domain name was the only qualification to a high ranking. Google changed its ranking criteria. For your site to rank better, you need to have relevant and high-quality content. You should not get a premium domain and rest without focusing on the kind of content you need to develop. High quality and shareable content is a must for your website to rank. Hence, whether your domain uses the best keywords in your field, it cannot rank your page better if your content does not follow suit.

Reduce bouncing rate

Bouncing rate is one of the bad news for any webpreneur. When a customer switches to your site and leaves immediately, the ranking robots notes the case on their board. If the occurrence follows the same route in the precedent actions, you and top rank positions will only meet in the world of imagination. So, regardless of your sweet and attractive domain name, if you do not work on other aspects of your site, bouncing rates will continue rising day by day.

Eliminate cart abandonment

Never delude yourself that your domain will work for the benefit of your site through reducing cart abandonment. Cart abandonment is a result of hardships in the payment processing and shipment issues. In this regard, there is no relationship between it and your domain name. To eliminate this issue, you need to work on your website rather than going for a better domain.

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