6 Benefits of Switching to an iPad Retail POS System

As a retail business owner, one of the mistakes you can make is using the wrong system for managing inventory and running transactions in your store.

Using a traditional cash register before was enough for more businesses. However, things have changed and today’s entrepreneurs need a modern technology that supports them to keep up with ecommerce.

Switching to iPad Retail POS system can give retailers a significant advantage.

If you like the idea of an iPad Point of Sale system, take a look at the benefits you can expect from switching from your cash register to an iPad POS technology.

1.Ease of Use

Let’s face it – there is nothing intuitive or simple about using a cash register. The same goes for on-premise Point of Sale software. Most of them feature a complex user interface or an outdated design. These complicated interfaces make it really hard to train new people and can lead to errors. Overall, the outcome is no good for business.

The iPad Point of Sale systems features a modern user interface that is easier to use. The touchscreen hardware enhances the usability of the system, reduces errors, and help your employees accept credit card payments fast.

You will be able to improve customer experience, improve your customer loyalty, and build your brand.

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2. More Flexibility

Over the last five years, the maker movement and shop small are some of the most popular trends to use in retail and ecommerce. We’ve noticed a rise in various events like community markets, pop-up shops, holiday markets, community markets, and retail in general.

IPad Point of Sale system makes it easier to get involved in these events. If you are still using an on-premise POS or a traditional cash register, you can’t really participate in a pop-up show. However, with an iPad, you can take your payments infrastructure with you. You can bring your card reader, barcode scanner, a hotspot in a backpack. It is like you never left your physical store. Packing everything up and heading back to your brick-and-mortar store takes a few minutes. It is that simple.

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3. Decreased Cost

Any retail business owner using an on-premise Point of Sale can expect financial savings from switching to an iPad POS system.

We can all agree that purchasing a traditional POS system is not cheap, especially for small businesses. The cost can reach up to $7000 per terminal and it doesn’t include the advantages offered by modern technology.

With an iPad POS system, a retailer can get started for an affordable monthly fee + extra investment of around $1000 for iPad, barcode scanner, credit card reader, and etc.

4. Cloud-Based

Many of the benefits of an iPad Point of Sale system are because of the cloud-based concept. If, for example, you are a Shopify customer, then you are probably familiar with how the SaaS or Software-as-a-Service platforms work. The SaaS platforms have revolutionized the ecommerce industry.

Well, many of the same advantages apply to cloud-based POS solutions. For example:

➔ Managed Security: Your Point of Sale system is hosted on the server of your vendor (in your case Shopify). The vendor maintains the technical side of your business, as well as, security, keeping you and your customers’ information safe and protected.
➔ Free Software Updates: For most vendors, the updates are free of charge and what is even more important – regularly released. They are also easy to download as an app, directly on your smartphone.
➔ Rich Integrations: Cloud-based software solutions are designed to integrate with apps like marketing or ecommerce platforms, accounting systems, and more. This allows you to use the POS sales data to inform other business’ areas.
➔ 24/7 Access: With cloud-based software, you can access your store from any device with an internet connection. This allows you to keep track of your business, especially when you are out of the office.


5. More Power

When compared to traditional cash registers, iPad Point of Sale systems offer an endless array of features that help you improve the performance of your online store and grow a more successful brand. Here are some of the main features that a modern retail Point of Sale systems offers:

● Inventory Management: You will be able to stay on top of managing inventory levels. Retailers will know exactly which product to reorder, as well as, the exact number of products. They can also track inventory cost, as well as, profit margins.
● Customer Marketing: Retailers can use the Point of Sale software to build email lists, add customers to loyalty programs, and sell gift cards to acquire new customers.
● Analytics & Reports: Use the power of data to understand your business and your website’s performance. By using analytics & reports feature, retailers can make strategic actions.

There are POS systems that include these features, however, there is a significant difference in modernity, design, and usability.


6. Improved Customer Experience

Previous benefits were more about how an iPad Retail Point of Sale system can benefit you as a business owner. Another important benefit is improving the shopping experience for your customers. Here is how an iPad POS can improve customer experience:

  • Fast Signups: Allow your customers to sign up for an email list or ask them to leave their email on a clipboard and receive punch cards in their wallet in return.
  • Simpler Checkout: Using an iPad Point of Sale ensures you have the greatest and latest software and hardware, which allows your employees to ring up new customers quickly. No more annoying wait lines.
  • Digital Receipts: You can now send receipts via email. It is faster and far more convenient.
  • Simplified Tipping: Most iPad Point of Sale systems allow sellers enjoy quick and easy tipping.

There you go – six advantages an iPad POS system can deliver to your small or medium-sized retail business. Whether you move on from a traditional cash-register or on-premise Point of Sale system is up to you, your business needs, your goals, as well as, your budget.

Switching to an iPad POS technology can improve the efficiency and performance of your business. To learn more, click here.