Online availability is the anchor of your e-business. If you succeed in the virtual market, you must be available any time your target customers are in need of you. However, your availability relies on your web hosting provider. Imagine you are the CEO of an organization that provides online services. It is a cool Monday morning. Just before you leave your room, you receive more than a thousand text messages, calls, and emails.

You are confused; you decide to pick the one coming from your IT administrator in charge of the online operations. The message you receive heartbreaks you. Your site is down. You are losing sales already. Such occurrences are common in the business world. However, the way your web hosting provider responds to your distress makes all the difference. Here are 3 signs which should indicate you need a new hosting provider:

Poor support services

24/7/365 customer service is a common slogan that any hosting provider will use in their marketing campaigns. No company will tell you that your phone will go unanswered. Your emails will take weeks to get replies, and the online chat option will be offline regularly. The goal is to woo you. But what do these companies offer in reality is opposite.

As you know, being offline in the online arena is similar to locking your doors in an in-store. The results are lost sales. Your customers will seek for an alternative. And if the services are better than yours, then a competitor will have made a step ahead. For this reason, you must always do due diligence before signing up for a web hosting service.

Additional hidden costs

Some companies will promise you different benefits such as free domain names, free premium themes, and features to enhance your SEO. However, as you blindly subscribe to their offers, you realize you have to pay additional charges that you were not informed about when signing up. Moreover, the hidden charges continue rising each year or during the renewal period. What you thought was a hosting cost-saving mechanism, you find it is adding an extra burden on your business. If you face this situation, it is time to call it a day and find a new hosting provider.

Frequent downtimes

You didn’t pay hosting services to remain offline. Your online presence is nonnegotiable. For this reason, your web hosting provider must assure you of rare to zero downtime. In case this is not what you experience, you have no reason for holding on too long while you lose sales.

If you see any of these signs, know it is time to move on.